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Over-the-knee backbreaker - Arena wrestler Zman torturing Eagle.

10th Anniversary Match - Zman vs Eagle

$ 25.95

Zman is back celebrating his 10th anniversary wrestling for Thunder’s Arena!

Ten years. Ten years!  Even presidents don’t stick around that long!  How better to celebrate reaching ten years of wrestling for Thunder’s Arena, than a match with one of the newest stars on the roster?  Zman, in fiery trunks, is posing for the camera, giving his fans and admirers a breath taking show!  Flexing his arms, abs and pecs, Zman is a paragon, a god amongst mortals!  Eagle, wearing VERY brief purple trunks, interrupts Zman’s posing, disrespecting him and telling him to make way for the new guy!  The two stunning fitness models pose off, comparing muscle and talking trash.  Zman is oozing confidence as he challenges the new superstar to a match, a challenge Eagle ready accepts!  They lock up and the match is on!  Eagle gets the go behind, lifting Zman off the ground in a rear bearhug!  Zman is getting his first taste of Eagle’s power as he is squeezed and thrown to the mat!  The two men lock up again and Zman takes Eagle down, grounding him with a double-claw to the traps!  A third lock up and Zman has Eagle trapped in a full nelson, his awesome body on full display!  Eagle is far from done - the young bodybuilder literally hulks out of the hold, tripping Zman and turning him into a perfect BOSTON CRAB before the mat veteran knows what happened!  Eagle looks utterly amazing as he squats low and deep, wrenching back on Zman’s legs and ramping up the pressure!  Zman suffers in the devastating hold, but Eagle wants to go some more and releases the hold.

This match is about more than just winning – its Old School vs New School, youth and power vs skill and experience!  Zman finds himself caught between the mighty quads of Eagle as the Soaring One clamps down and crushes his prey!  Zman cries out in agony as Eagle pulses his powerful legs, squeezing and constricting Zman’s ribs!  Zman rolls out, grabbing Eagle’s throat before going for a pin!  One, two, Ealge kicks out!  Zman applies an old-school ab stretch, his pecs looking amazing as he pulls back on the hold!  Eagle is trapped with nowhere to go, but doesn’t submit!  Zman scoops Eagle up and slams him down over his knee in a beautiful backbreaker, before ramming his pointed elbow into Eagle’s already hurting abs!  Eagle screams, but doesn’t quit!

Ab bashing, a vicious headscissors and a figure-four leglock have one wrestler writhing in pain!  Both of these body-beautifuls can take some serious punishment!  More scissors and a spine-wrenching chin lock – “Do you submit?”  A bearhug slam into the wall has one wrestler collapsing to the mat!  Eagle’s signature FLYING BODYSCISSORS has Zman sinking to the mat in pain, his amazing torso being pulverised between Eagle’s god-like legs!  A lesser man might have quit straight away, but this is Zman – you don’t get to last ten years without learning how to suck up the pain!  The match is far from over – can Zman pull off a victory to mark his 10th anniversary?  Or will the upstart Eagle claim an upset over the megastar?  A major ab assault and a tight sleeper sees one wrestler go out!  Who suffers the ultimate humiliation of an extended TEN COUNT??!!  Get this awesome celebration match today to see for yourself!