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Angel James chin lock pecs chest tattoos

Angel vs James - 2011 Auditions Video Series Part 8

$ 31.25

There's a new wrestler in town and his name is James. In his first match he faces of against Angel, who looks more annoyed than pleased to see James. Angel, doesnt like rookies and plans to school James, on wrestling 101 in a painful way. Angel, starts off by insulting James intelligence. Then Angel toys with James, like a cat playing with a mouse. But try as James might he just cant seem to get one over on Angel. After trying many tries, it seems as though James wont be getting the upper hand at all in this match. But when Angel tries to put an arm bar on James, he manages to pick up Angel with just his arm and slam him to the ground. Realizing that grappling may not be the way to go Angel quickly changes things up with some bear hugs and a torture rack. Putting James into some painful squeezing and positions. Angel then puts James into a really painful Camel clutch. After a tie up they both go to the floor and wrestle, both trying to gain the upper hand. But in the end, Angel gets James into a body scissor. About this time James is getting pretty fed up of getting beat up. Will Angel continue to dominate James, or will he start using his muscle to try and overpower Angel into submission? Find out in this exciting match of Angel versus James.


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