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Jester Lewk headlock back arms

Jester vs Lewk - 2011 Auditions Video Series Part 9

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Jester wants to try out for Thunder's Arena. Lewk is wearing his newest trunks and they really freak Jester out. Lewk gets angry that Jester keeps making fun of his favorite pair and picks him up and slams him hard into the mat. These two really get into slamming each other around, and as they take it to the mat Lewk, manages to slam Jester to the ground and get him into head scissors. Jester pulls a reversal an gets Lewk into a body scissors but just cant hold it.
Jester puts Lewk in an arm bar and tries to keep Lewk in it, but Lewk manages to pull his own reversal and puts Jester into a Boston crab. Lewk loves torturing Jester before letting him up. Jester gets angry and slams Lewk into the mat.Lewk quickly gets out of his grip and puts another Boston crab on Jester. These two do some amazing mat wrestling you don't want to miss