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Titan vs Alexander - Rough & Ready 5A

Titan vs Alexander - Rough & Ready 5A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25


Alexander vs Titan

Alexander got SO COCKY after wrestling Batar that he doesn't wait to take on the BIG man TITAN! He put in a challenge by teasing Titan about his favorite football team the Denver Broncos. This is like poking a stick at a baby gorilla at the zoo, not a smart move! Titan definitely takes Alexander to school and puts him in a LOT of pain! Full nelsons, bearhugs after bearhug, racks, slams, even a gorilla press! Not only does he gorilla press Alexander once but 5 more times in a row! Alexander isn't acting too cocky now! He is actually begging for mercy, but Titan doesn't give mercy....just pain lots of pain and more submissions!