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Titan vs Alexander & Billy vs Bryce - Rough & Ready 5

Titan vs Alexander & Billy vs Bryce - Rough & Ready 5

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Billy the Kid vs Bryce

The battle is ON! Bryce comes into Thunder Arena ready to battle. He is a master of the figure 4 head scissors and gets multiple submissions from most of his victims. He is extremely cocky and confident. He is a man of few words but uses his body as a weapon to destroy others. Billy walks into this match probably over confident, because he looks as Bryce as a rookie ready to be schooled. This match explodes with action right from the start these two attack each other like wild dogs. There are ab stretches, body scissors, head scissors, camel clutches, bearhugs, lots of flexing, stretching, and pain, lots of pain! The video preview can't do this match justice, it's an all out war with real long held mat holds including something never seen before here in Thunder's Arena, someone is going to get caught in a full nelson but instead of using his arms, the guy used his legs and feet to lock in the full nelson, very cool!

Alexander vs Titan
Alexander got SO COCKY after wrestling Batar that he doesn't wait to take on the BIG man TITAN! He put in a challenge by teasing Titan about his favorite football team the Denver Broncos. This is like poking a stick at a baby gorilla at the zoo, not a smart move! Titan definitely takes Alexander to school and puts him in a LOT of pain! Full nelsons, bearhugs after bearhug, racks, slams, even a gorilla press! Not only does he gorilla press Alexander once but 5 more times in a row! Alexander isn't acting too cocky now! He is actually begging for mercy, but Titan doesn't give mercy....just pain lots of pain and more submissions!