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Ace Hanson Poseidon boston crab pecs chest

Ace Hanson vs Poseidon & Dennis vs Cameron Mathews vs GQ (3-way match) - Rough & Ready 12

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Ace Hanson vs Poseidon

This was suppose to be a domination match, too bad someone broke our window!!! Yes that's right a wrestler gets thrown into a window, no stunt men, no stunt glass, a real window, real glass, and a real accident caught on film. Besides all the dangerous glass you will find classic holds like bearhugs, head scissors, body scissors, schoolboy pins, and all those holds only Ace Hanson could get away with that dirty smile on his face. Download or purchase the DVD of this match which has over 27 min of action and discover WHO goes through the window.

3 WAY MATCH Dennis the Menace vs Cameron Mathews vs GQ

Dennis called me up one day that a buddy of his was in town that he used to wrestle in high school. He wanted me to book them to wrestle each other, he calls himself GQ because he does professional modeling. Well the match is full of great MMA style grappling and high school wrestling because that is what both Dennis and GQ used to train together doing, but Cameron Mathews was watching the whole beginning of the match off camera. He just couldn't take it any more and busts into the middle of their match asking if any of them knows how to really wrestle. Well that just sets off our new rookie GQ who has a lot of power. Well GQ and sat back and watch Cameron work over his buddy Dennis for awhile with all kinds of flash pro moves, then GQ jumps in and joins forces with Dennis to crush Cameron...but that doesn't last long as both Dennis and Cameron Mathews find themselves trapped in a bone crushing 2 MAN DOUBLE BEARHUG we haven't seen anyone do since Sampson and Titan did it for us our first year! That's right GQ has the strength and power to bearhug 2 men at once and LIFT THEM OFF the MAT... He has got a bright future hear at Thunder's Arena if he keeps that kind of action up!