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Achilles puts Scrappy into a sleeper hold at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Achilles VS Scrappy with Joey King - Mat Rats 104

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Joey's Wrestling School of Pain Part #1
Class is in session! Veteran pro-wrestler Joey King is here to teach and help rookie Achilles learn some moves in his match against veteran Scrappy. "We have a nice little fight today. No cheap shots, no stupid crap. You know i'm talking to you right?" Joey asks looking at Scrappy.
 Both wrestlers tie up. Achilles PICKS UP Scrappy on one shoulder and gets a takedown! He locks Scrappy in a body scissor/ sleeper combo. "You tappin?" asks Joey. Scrappy is STRUGGLING and about to go out. "Ease up tiger. We just started; gotta make this entertaining." Teacher Joey makes Achilles break the hold. 
Achilles punches Scrappy repeatedly in the side. "You hitten me?" asks the veteran. "What are you gonna do?" says Achilles. Scrappy picks him up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG. "Put me down!" yells Achilles. The rookie recovers, gets a take down, and puts Scrappy in a sleeper then TIGHT cradle. 
"You wanna learn some pro shit?" says Joey. "Pick him up!" Lesson 1: bearhug. Joey explains the bearhug, and Achilles picks Scrappy up in MASSIVE front bearhug. "How's that feel?" asks Achilles. "Little tight!" moans Scrappy. The rookie gets the veteran in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson SHAKING him side to side. "Damn Scrappy, you better get out!" yells Joey.
The students locks up again. Scrappy picks Achilles up and into a BACK BREAKER. The vet then applies a MASSIVE camel clutch! Achilles escapes and straddles Scrappy, CHOKING him with two hands. "We can't murder him now!" Teacher Joey forces him to break the hold again. 
Achilles gets Scrappy in a takedown and straddles him for the pin. Just a TWO COUNT! "Come on Scrap!" says Achilles. Scrappy applies a TIGHT full nelson. Joey coaches from the sidelines,  "Talk some shit Scrap!" Scrappy declares, "Whose a bitch now?" Achilles rolls out and CRADLES Scrappy. "I want that cradle! How's that knee feel?" Achilles climbs on Scrappy's back. The rookie sleepers the veteran but releases the hold and folds him up in an even TIGHTER cradle. "You gonna let a guy with metallic silver shorts beat your ass?" Joey asks Scrappy.  He congratulates Achilles, "You make him look stupid. He's useless."
Scrappy picks Achilles up in a TORTURE RACK. Achilles begins gut punching Scrappy. "Punch me all you want!" Achilles yells, "Stop, I'm done!" Scrappy squats Achilles and POWERSLAMS him. The veteran locks in a body scissors / full nelson combo and puts Achilles in a TIGHT Boston crab. "My back, my back!" Achilles screams and taps. "I don't think he's tapping hard enough! You better tap louder!" says Joey. Scrappy picks him up in rear bearhug and throws him into Joey. "I'm gonna kick you and your cockatoo haircut square in the face if you throw him into me again!" yells Joey. 
Scrappy picks up Achilles across his chest. Achilles tries GUT PUNCHING to break away but is dropped to the mat. "I'm coming back for you!" yells Achilles. Scrappy pushes Joey out of the way. Joey is FURIOUS and CLUBS Scrappy to the mat. NEVER PISS OFF THE TEACHER! Achilles locks in a chin lock then sleeper. Scrappy reaches out trying to escape. "What are you reaching for, there's no ropes here!" says Joey. Achilles COMMANDS him to go to sleep; Scrappy GASPS for air. He gut punches Scrappy then puts him in another choke hold. Scrappy passes out! "What happened Scrap? You done?" asks Joey.
They lock up. Scrappy is taken down in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and put in another head lock. Achilles applies a CHICKEN WING threatening to break his arm. Scrappy TAPS!
Teacher Joey King instructs one of his students, "I think you should put him to sleep!" The winner applies a Boston crab and MASSIVE full nelson. The loser is then CHOKED OUT from behind and put in a body scissor! "Get his ass a pacifier!" says Joey. Which student of Joey's Wrestling School of Pain will come out on top?