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Ajax Dusty head lock arms biceps

Ajax vs Dusty - Mat Wars 08B

$ 31.25

Ajax vs Dusty

Ajax continues his quest to become the best.  Wrestling Dusty is the most demanding match of Ajax's career.  The title of this DVD is domination and this match really lives up to that title.  We could have almost called it Ajax dominated because this was a wild match to watch with lots of give and take, every time you think Ajax just couldn't possibly get up from the mat... he would and come back even stronger.  This is not a squash job match but it sure was heading that way for awhile.  You have never seen Ajax take a beating or be manhandled like he was this match.  I thought Ajax was going to be destroyed for the first time on film!  This match has bearhugs, various scissor holds, full nelsons, and the most impressive power moves we have ever filmed.  I'm not going to give away anything and remember this is not a squash job match but Ajax gets worked over pretty hard from power moves, body slams, and even a toss that almost had him hit the ceiling before he crashed into the mat!  He was definitely fighting to survive buy it today and see if he does... DUSTY's POWER IS OVERWHELMING IN THIS MATCH!!!