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Frey choke lifts Anarchy carry arms bicep

Anarchy vs Frey - Mat Wars 42

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

#4 Best Seller in Aug 2015

The match starts off with Anarchy flexing his toned muscles for the camera. Frey comes in and starts trash talking and showing off how to really flex. These two enter into a flex off and begin trash talking over who has the strongest and biggest muscles. Frey is so cocky he’s stronger in all areas of his body that he puts up a gamble over who will win. Anarchy goes into shake and accept the challenge, and Frey starts right off the bat with a cheap shot to the abs. He gets Anarchy into a painful full nelson until he gets Frey back with a quick cheap shot to the nuts. They enter into an over the head strength competition, and both show off their bulging muscles. Taking turns beating the other one down, Frey drops down for another cheap shot and begins attacking Anarchy’s abs before trying to break his leg in an intense figure four that leaves Anarchy struggling on the floor. Anarchy refuses to give in and insists his legs are stronger, and tries to break Frey’s leg from within the figure four. Evenly matched, these two muscle gods begin to grapple and find another way to make each other break. Anarchy shows off his MMA skills by taking Frey down and punching his abs. Frey feigns defeat and gets Anarchy up onto his shoulders. Anarchy is ready though and takes Frey down with a headlock. After grappling around with each other and no clear sign of a victor in sight, Frey takes it up a notch and tries squeezing the air out of Anarchy in a painful bear hug. Anarchy doesn’t give up and treats Frey to a barrage of gut punches. Frey isn’t done yet and flips Anarchy over his shoulder and immediately jets down to the mat to get Anarchy into a crushing head lock. These guys not only have tons of muscles, but prove to have an insane amount of stamina as well. Dripping in sweat, neither will give up. Anarchy picks Frey up like a baby and slams him against his knee in a powerful back breaker. Not wanting to give up the money, Frey turns it around and gets Anarchy into an intense back breaker of his own. Frey manages to catch a break and twists Anarchy’s body into a crippling surfboard, then an intense ab stretch, he goes for the kill with a choking camel clutch, but Anarchy still isn’t done! He flips Frey over for some gut punching and choke holds. These guys are ripped, sweaty and intense. They are going all out against each other to win the money for the strongest body. Who will concede defeat in the end and win the gamble? Buy the match today and find out!