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Angel Cameron Mathews arm lock head scissors

Angel vs Cameron Mathews & STL vs Angel - Rough & Ready 20

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Cameron Mathews vs Angel

This match shows no love loss for these two men. They really know they are close in size and Angel isn't about to be shown up by some stupid pro wrestler. Angel is a MMA fighter and state champion high school wrestler and he has an ego that won't stop. The mat work in this match is amaing with Angel getting Cam in an amazing head scissor, which forces a tap out. Cam quickly retaliates, going to work on Angels leg, ending with a figure 4. When Cam tries to continue his destruction things flip flop into Angel gaining control again, with a body scissor. He gets a hold of Cam's arm, and flips him, which causes another tap out. The mat work is amazing in this match with them wrapping each other up in various human knots, very painful to watch. The back and forth control in this match make for an amazing match and leaves you wondering on the edge of your seat who is going to win. There's some cocky flexing, and lots of trash talk of course. The moves you'll see include: lots of head and body scissors, plenty of excruciating holds, the boston crab, the camel clutch and much more

STL vs Angel
This is Angel's chance to show off and get revenge. Angel and STL are both come from an amazing high school background. Well of course Angel loves to shoot his mouth off and teases STL at the house about how he could get more pins on STL in a certain amount of time. STL takes that bet and these two hit the mat to make it happen. Needless to say tempers got out of hand and submission holds were eventually used and gut punching happened to get even. See who has the most pins in the end and who loses it and starts cheating with pro moves and various other dirty tricks.