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Jackson headlock Angel head lock Scooter abs

Angel vs Scooter and Jackson with special appearance by Cameron Mathews - Mat Wars 22B

$ 30.00

Jackson and Scooter vs Angel with special appearance by Cameron Mathews

Thank you for being a valuable fan because all our wrestlers try and bring you the BEST wrestling they can do. Well when the 2 new rookies didn't do their best against STL, Angel takes them into the garage for the beating of a lifetime. Cameron Mathews heard the screaming for mercy from inside the house and comes in to help teach the new rookie boys some discapline that they won't forget! Rember the lesson boys you don't make Angel look bad on film or you are going to pay the price! The match starts with Angel throwing Jackson and Scooter throw the door onto the mat in the garage. Angels chews the two other wrestlers out for not being able to handle STL, then throws Scooter down on the mat and picks Jackson up and carries him around in a bearhug. The two new wrestlers try push Angel around, but he throws each of them onto the mat, then picks Scooter up in a reverse bearhug. He throws him on the mat and grabs him in a headlock. Jackson comes up behind Angel and puts him in a headlock. Angel flips Jackson over his head, then the two of them lock up and wrestle around until Angel grabs Jackson and clotheslines him several times. Scooter grabs Angel by the arm and clotheslines him to save Jackson. Angel come back at Scooter and leg scissors his head, while Jackson puts Angel in a headlock. Angel takes turns throwing the two other wrestlers onto the mat, until they join hands in a double clothesline to Angel. Before Angel can get up off the mat, Jackson and Scooter get on either side of him and put both of them put him in a leg scissors that lasts for quite a while. After they let him go, they pick him up together and carry him around on their shoulders. They trow him onto the mat, then start flexing and trash talking Angel. Angel recovers and first knocks Scooter down, then comes after Jackson. The two of them lock up, then Angel throw Jackson down on the mat. He picks Jackson up and puts him over his knee for a back breaker. After he finishes with Jackson, he puts Scooter over his knee as well. Jackson grabs Angel in a full nelson while Scooter gut punches him. Scooter picks Angel up over his head, but quickly drops him, giving Angel the chance to grab him and put him in a headlock from behind. Jackson comes to Scooter's rescue and grabs Angel in a headlock. The two new guys attempt to push Angel around, but he grabs Scooter in a reverse headlock, then does the same to Jackson. He drops them both on the mat, them grabs both of them by the throat. After choking them both for a very long time, he turns the pair over onto their stomachs and puts them in a double surfboard. He holds them in the surfboard for a while, then grabs Scooter, puts him up against the wall and starts gut punching him. Angel throws Scooter down and Jackson steps in to take Angel on. He picks Angel up over his head, drops him on the mat, then bearhugs him. Just when it looks like the two new guys have Angel down, Cameron Mathews comes in. Cameron grabs Jackson and Angel grabs Scooter. They pick them up onto their shoulders and throw them down on the mat, then they switch and Angel picks up Jackson, while Cameron picks Scooter up. They throw the two wrestlers down in a pile and take turns standing on top of them. They wrap the two new guys legs up in a figure four and stretch them out in a painful banana split. Angel and Cameron each grab one of the other wrestlers and locks their arms behind them in a long ab stretch. Cameron puts Scooter in a mexican table lift while Angel has Jackson in a reverse headlock. Angel comes over and gives Scooter a few painful punches while he is still stuck in the mexican that he uses to torture and torment even more, if you like bad attitude punishing matches add this to your collection.