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Angelo vs Silas - Mat Wars 164

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Don't Miss This 32 Minute Sweaty Slugfest!

Silas and Angelo step on the mat sizing each other up. After the dick measuring contest is over, the muscle studs tie up and go at it! Angelo is more timid than Silas and gets taken to the mat quickly! Silas pins him down and starts doing damage! He spins Angelo around mashing him into the mat with a chicken wing! Then he flips Angelo into a banana split torturing the rookie for what seems like eternity!

Angelo yells in pain, but is helpless to Silas's superior technique. Silas takes full control sitting on Angelo in a schoolboy pin. Silas is bored of demolishing the rookie and lets him up. Angelo jumps up wanting more! He uses his power to get Silas down and pins him to the mat by his wrists. Silas decides enough playing around and gets serious. He pounces on the rookie using side headlocks, sleeper holds, bearhugs, headscissors, and a slew of pins and submissions to hurt the rookie Angelo

Will Angelo come back and give it back to Silas? Or will the rookie learn a lesson on the mat today? Download and find out!