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Animal sleepers out NJustice

Animal vs NJustice - Ring Wars 27

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Recent newcomer Animal is in the Thunder’s ring, in boots and figure-hugging two tone trunks that can barely contain his muscular body!  NJustice, in a printed green singlet and barefoot, feigns friendship to the bodybuilder, offering mentorship before bouncing off the ropes and launching himself at Animal, hoping to knock him down!  He would have had better luck against a brick wall as he collides with the immovable muscle of Animal and ends up sprawled out on the canvas!  NJustice uses the ropes to climb back to his feet, but Animal stops him half way, driving his knee into NJustice’s spine and choking him on the middle rope!  Animal shows off his dominance, flexing over NJustice as he struggles to escape!  Animal wraps his big arm around NJustice’s neck in a front face lock, his bulging bicep digging in hard!  Another rope choke as NJustice gasping for breath as Animal towers above him, sweat pouring down his pecs!

NJustice sinks to the canvas, only for Animal to drag him up and club him back down! NJustice goes for a cheap shot to the midsection, but it’s not enough bring Animal down – instead he whips NJustice hard into the opposite turnbuckle before following up with a clothesline splash!  NJustice is in some serious pain as he collapses out of the corner – Animal slaps a seated full nelson on the hapless pro that has NJustice screaming!  Animal decides to punish the back of NJustice even more with a gravity-defying SUPLEX!!  NJustice comes crashing down to the canvas, clutching his back as searing agony shoots through his body!  With Animal looming over him, NJustice fights back with a shoulder barge into the corner.  “Let’s see how that big chest of your likes this!” NJustice lets loose with a massive chop to the massive pecs of Animal, the sound echoing around the room!  Animal is momentarily stunned, but NJustice fails to capitalise as Animal grabs him around the neck, spinning round and throwing him into the same corner, before letting loose with a huge chop of his own!  NJustice is sent reeling to the mat, his chest going red from the vicious impact!

Anyone who saw Animal’s previous match will know that he has possibly the biggest and most devastatingly powerful quads in all of the Thunder’s Arena roster, a fact that is not lost on NJustice when Animal steps over for a standing head scissors!  “No, not the legs, please!”  NJustice’s please fall on deaf ears as Animal applies unrelenting pressure to his head!  Just when NJustice thought it couldn’t get worse, Animal takes it to the mat to get added leverage!  Animal is clearly enjoying brutalising his prey, but he’s not done punishing him for his earlier stunt yet!  A rear choke on NJustice is met with a desperate eye gouge on the muscle monster!  NJustice follows up with a blatant low blow that brings the big man down!

There is so much more – illegal moves, slams, chokes, clotheslines, closed fists, even an impressive gorilla press slam from Animal!  One wrestler even gets his attitude adjusted!  Can Animal get the win from the devious pro?  Or will the experience of NJustice prevail?  Buy this match today and find out for yourself!