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Archer anarchy Sleeper sleeperhold submission hold submit

Archer vs Anarchy - Rough & Ready 71

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This match has some of the most intense GUT PUNCHING you will see!
Both wrestlers tie up. "When's the last time you trained?" asks Anarchy. "Couple months, how about you?" Anarchy thinks Archer feels weak and mocks him, "You have the body of a twelve year old!" Archer declares, "A twelve year old god!"
They lock up. Anarchy lifts  Archer in a rear bearhug, "That's what power does!" He pins Archer down. "Tap, or I'll break you!" Archer is able to escape, and they lock up in a game of mercy. Anarchy BODYSLAMS Archer and applies a TIGHT chicken wing. Archer is forced to tap out!
"I'm a show you how strong I really am!" says Archer. He picks up Anarchy in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and squats him. "Put me down or you're gonna get hurt! Your girlfriend squats more than you!" 
Anarchy escapes and gets Archer in a rear choke. "Tap! You submit?" Archer refuses and is put in a TRIANGLE CHOKE! "Tap!" commands Anarchy. "You're strong for a little girl!" Anarchy tries an arm bar but fails, so he switches to a sleeper. "I'm not going out like this!" Archer gets Anarchy in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, and both begin a BRUTAL GUT PUNCH BATTLE!
Anarchy gets Archer in a leg lock, and he is forced to TAP OUT! He climbs on Archer's back synching in a sleeper! Archer refuses to tap and picks up Anarchy in two MASSIVE bearhugs. "This is the true test of strength right here!"
Anarchy's turn. He picks Archer up in a rear bearhug. "My ribs!" Archer escapes and throws Anarchy into the wall. Both begin GUT PUNCHING each other. Anarchy takes Archer to the mat and CHOKES him with two hands until he TAPS again! "Pathetic, what would your parents think?"
Anarchy gets Archer in a crippling DRAGON SLEEPER. Somehow, Archer escapes and jumps on Anarchy's back with a sleeper. He puts the giant in a full nelson but can't keep the hold on, so he locks in a TIGHTER sleeper. "Got it!" says Archer. "Never!" yells Anarchy, and he escapes. 
Anarchy locks in another REAR CHOKE demanding a tap, but Archer refuses. He applies an arm bar/body scissor combo! Archer is STRUGGLING! He switches to a TRIANGLE CHOKE then MASSIVE chicken wing! Archer taps again. "I lost count how many times I tapped you out!"
Both wrestlers head to the wall and GUT PUNCH each other. One of these wrestlers is put in a CRIPPLING rear naked choke until they TAP OUT and PASS OUT! "I should tuck you in, read you a bedtime story little girl!" Will it be Anarchy or Archer? Buy this BRUTAL GUT PUNCH match to find out!