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Archer vs Bolt - No Holds Barred 50

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

Archer and Bolt are introducing themselves and talking smack to each other, taking turns flexing and showing off their chests and traps. Both guys are considered small guys but they are sure ripped! There’s a ton of muscle bulging through when they start flexing. Having enough of that, they get straight into wrestling, and Bolt gets Archer up over his shoulder to start squatting him, showing off just how strong he is. Archer’s not too impressed so Bolt takes him down to the mat for some body slams. Archer manages to escape and puts Bolt into a painful arm bar. Bolt’s squirming and screaming in pain, trying to break free but Archer’s got an iron grip on him. He’s pulling and yanking at Bolt’s arm, laughing at how easy it is to torture him. Bolt rolls out of the hold and starts body slamming Archer again, he picks him up and throws some hard gut punches before Archer retaliates and slams him into the wall. Archer’s a trained MMA fighter and he shows Bolt how to really gut punch. Bolt can barely breathe by the time Archer’s done! Archer picks Bolt up and starts to shoulder press him, telling him that’s what real strength is, not squats. Archer drops Bolt down to the ground, before he picks him back up just to show him how easy squats are. He’s squatting down with Bolt over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, and Bolt is absolutely helpless!! After he’s done squatting Bolt, Archer starts flexing his pumped up muscles, showing Bolt he’s not so little. They enter into a strength contest, and Archer starts crushing Bolts hands! Bolt falls to his knees and is screaming, he’s struggling to fight back against Archer but it’s useless. Archer lets his hands go and pulls him back into an excruciating full nelson. Bolt is getting lifted off the ground, but he’s struggling to break free the whole time. He tries flexing out of it but he’s just not quite strong enough. Once he manages to break free, Bolt decides it’s time he shows Archer his muscles aren’t just all for show. He puts Archer into an arm bar and stars to yank at Archer’s shoulder. Archer’s feeling the pain but he’s not going to give up that easily. Once these guys break free, they engage in some grappling and gut punching before Archer gains the upper hand again, this time he puts Bolt into his favorite move, the bow and arrow! He’s pulling Bolt’s limbs and pushing his body away, Bolt’s face is in absolute agony as he can’t even move to try and break free. Archer loves seeing Bolt in so much pain and continues the attack, flipping Bolt over into a reverse bow and arrow. These are two little guys but they sure fight each other with the strength of some of our biggest wrestlers. Will Bolt succumb to Archer’s killer moves and stronger muscles? Or will his experience wrestling prove to be more helpful in the end?