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Brute Archer shoulder stretch

Archer vs Brute - Labor Day Special

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Archer is up against his biggest challenge, in this classic Big vs Little match!  Watch as Archer screams for mercy over 20 times!  Brute becomes totally brutal and dominates! Archer starts off this match trash talking Brute, he's not scared of his size at all. Brute's a new guy here at Thunder's and Archer's wrestled some of our biggest guys before. Brute doesn't take so well to be trash talked to, and he says he's going to destroy Archer like no one has before. Archer goes in to try and take Brute down, but he's just too big! Brute's giant muscles and immense strength are too much, and Archer can't even get him to budge. Brute's pissed and he decides he's going to make Archer scream for mercy as many times as he possibly can. Brute treats Archer like an absolute rag doll this entire match, picking him and tossing him around! He puts Archer into the most painful holds and absolutely crushes every part of his body. This match is over 20 minutes long, and full of brutal domination the entire way through! Can Brute make Archer give once every minute? Will Archer even be able to stand by the end of the match?