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Archer Vein carry lift pecs chest abs

Archer vs Vein - Custom Video Series 21

$ 25.95

There's revenge in the air, as befits a Grudge Match, and without much ado, the combatants lock up, Vein immediately on top of Archer, then caught between Archer's legs. Archer tries for a choke hold, wraps his legs around Vein's neck and head. He gets on Vein's back, choke hold applied, legs around the waist, and pulls the big man to the mat, but Vein drives Archer to the mat and climbs on top of him, flipping him over to work on his neck. He sits on Archer's back and grabs his ankles to wreck Archer's lower back. With Archer still trapped between his legs, Vein goes for an early pin fall. But Archer grabs Vein's ankle and wrist and applies the "Archer" to inflict suffering on Vein's lower back. Archer flexes in victory, then climbs on Vein's back to apply a choke hold. He works Vein's shoulders with devastating stretches, cranking both arms back and nearly out of their sockets. Vein is spent, his shoulders injured in the attack. But Vein digs deep, picks Archer up and racks him over his shoulders, before dropping him to the mat. Archer is stunned, as Vein flexes and poses over him. Vein proceeds to press Archer overhead and then drop him again to the hard mat, only to pose and flex over him yet again. He pulls Archer to his feet and kicks him in the gut, then flips him onto his shoulder in a brutal backbreaker. Once Archer has recovered abit, He bearhugs the overconfident Vein right off his feet, then throws him to the mat. He applies an arm bar to Vein's big left arm and tortures that elbow...Archer is unrelenting, wrapping his legs around Vein's neck and head and squeezing as hard as he can. Archer lets Vein get to his feet before clapping on another bearhug. He gets Vein in a "crucifix" stretch, torturing Vein's delts and pecs. Vein is driven to his knees, with Archer planting a foot on his back, finally posing over the bodybuilder laying on the mat in agony. Ain't Revenge sweet? Archer grabs Vein's ankles and knees and works on his lower back, grabbing a wrist to add to the pain. "Stick a fork in him, he's done"...but Archer isn't finished, not by a long shot. With Vein's ankles locked under his arms, he grabs both of Vein's wrists and arches that back in a torturous stretch, til Vein is nearly unconscious from the pain. But Archer's sadistic streak means that he only continues to wreck Vein's back, and shoulders, over and over again, with a foot in his back, until releasing Vein who rolls around on the mat in agony. Like a phoenix, however, Vein rises again to face his foe. But a leg sweep drops the big man back to the mat. When Archer tries to capitalize on this, Vein rolls on top of him. Archer manages to get his legs around Vein's waist and squeeze tight, then attack Vein's injured shoulders. See if Vein can escape and who wins by buying the match.