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Viggo flex pose chest pecs abs arms

Archer vs Viggo - Rough & Ready 42

$ 29.95

These two lean, muscular wrestling veterans start out down on the mat, amateur style. They put on an impressive display of moves, each getting in some holds and reversals. Viggo has thirty pounds on Archer and uses his impressive power to break out of most of Archers holds by lifting him off the mat and slamming him down on his back. The grappling is pretty intense, with stretches, leg scissors, nelsons, cradles, chokes, sleepers and schoolboy pins. The moves really display the amazing physiques on both these muscular guys. Of course, they exchange taunts and some pretty hot smack-talk though out the match. When they get to their feet and do some posing, arrogant Viggo taunts Archer about his smaller size. Archer never backs down and gives it right back. After a bear hug challenge, they get back down on the mat for even more intense action. When Viggo gets Archers face someplace Archer doesnt want it, Viggo taunts him: Whats the matter, dont like being humiliated? Viggos power slowly dominates Archer. After several two counts, Viggo gets a pin, which he follows with a victory pose, saying: This is the body of a champion. With Viggos body, who can argue? After a few push-ups, tough Archer is ready for another round. Powerful Viggo makes short work of him, getting another pin. When Archer doesnt get up from this pin, Viggo throws a cup of water on him to wake him up so he can dominate the smaller guy some more. Viggo bear hugs Archer into a quick submission, then drops him to the mat, his tights still soaking wet from the water. Its a sight you wont want to miss. This match is smoking hot from the start, but the ending is amazing.