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Archer wolf Boston crab submission hold feet

Archer vs Wolf - Rough & Ready 74

$ 25.95

Archer and Wolf begin the match with trash talking and flexing. Archer says Wolf’s hairy chest masks the fact that his chest is just tiny, and begins showing off his own chest muscles. Feeling insecure after feeling Archers muscles, Wolf starts flexing his own muscles, showing off his chest, lats, legs and back muscles. Archer decides the best way to figure it out is through a strength competition. After painful gut punches and grappling on the floor, Archer gets Wolf into a painful head scissors. After squeezing Wolfs head with his bulging quads, Wolf manages to escape. Wolf gets Archer up into an agonizing full nelson and then down onto the floor for a crushing head scissors. Archer breaks free and takes Wolf into a bone crushing bearhug. Wanting to get back at Archer, Wolf takes him down into a schoolboy pin and rubs his hairy legs all over Archer. In a fit of rage Archer quickly turns things around to get Wolf into a breaking arm bar. In a show of raw strength Wolf stands up with Archers legs hanging off him and slams him back into the mat, putting Archer into a tormenting figure four and working his legs. Having enough, Archer fights back and ends up putting Wolf into his signature move, the extreme bow and arrow. Still not done, Archer flips Wolf over and puts him into a back breaking boston crab. After some back and forth grappling, Archer manages to get Wolf into an ab crushing body scissors.  Once the two of them are back standing, Archer takes wolf into a fireman’s carry and shows off his bulging quads by doing squats. Not to be outdone Wolf puts Archer into a choke hold. Archer gets in a cheap shot to the crotch, rolling and screaming in pain, will he get back up or will he give up? Buy the match now to find out.