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Arkansas vs Duke - Rough & Ready 140

$ 31.25

This a domination match that that you will not be able to look away from. A fully dominant Arkansas makes Duke his subordinate toy.

Arkansas is warming up and getting ready for his final match before he can head home. Duke wanders in late and is still needing to stretch and get ready for the match. Arkansas is not wanting to small talk and mess around. While Duke takes his time, Arkansas delivers a LOUD slap across his face. From there, he goes straight to handing Duke a beating he will not forget any time soon. Arkansas displays his perfect pro wrestling technique. While Duke's perfectly sculpted physique is showcased while he helplessly gives in and accepts his punishment.

Arkansas dominates Duke using a full mix of:

  • DEEP Ab Stretches
  • Body scissors
  • Camel Clutch
  • TIGHT chest to chest bearhugs
  • Fireman carries
  • FULL CONTACT kicks and punches
  • Sleeper holds
  • Multiple headbutts
  • Figure 4 leg locks
  • Boston crab holds