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Ashton89 vs Hero - Mat Wars 137

$ 25.95

A friendly greeting spirals out of control into a painful lesson in respect! Hero tries shaking the new rookie's hand but is shoved away. "I'm not here to shake your hand; let's go!" challenges Ashton89. The wrestlers tie up as Ashton89 strikes with a tight rear bearhug and slams Hero on his face. Hero is dazed as the arrogant rookie tries for a pin but is overpowered. Back on their feet, Hero goes again for a handshake but is smacked aside. "You should have shaken my hand!" threatens Hero lifting Ashton89 in a fireman's carry and slamming him to the mat. The chiseled rookie screams in pain as a pissed off Hero tries breaking his hand and arm to teach him a lesson. Desperate to end his torture, Ashton89 delivers an over-the-shoulder takedown and tries again for a pin but fails. His blood boiling, Ashton89 hammers away at Hero's shredded abs as Hero groans in pain and barely escapes. "You're gonna shake my hand!" yells Hero lifting the 200lbs rookie across his beefy chest using him for bicep curls. "I don't shake hands with bitches!" mocks Ashton89. All hell breaks loose as Hero unleashes his power on the disrespectful rookie. An over-the-knee back breaker, camel clutch, and grueling Boston crab has Ashton89 howling in pain barely able to recover. Breathing hard and heavy, both wrestlers exchange breath-taking bearhugs and gut punches trying to tear each other apart before a crushing end! Will Hero finally get his handshake? You gotta see it to find out!