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Ashton89 vs Cason - Vegas Battles 104

$ 25.95

Cason is practicing his posing on the mat as Ashton89 looks on. His admiration is obvious. "Is it ok to touch?" asks Ashton89. "Arms only" answers Cason. Ashton89 can't help himself and starts feeling on Cason everywhere, which is met with Cason setting his boundaries of where Ashton89 can and cannot touch. A muscle comparison begins which turns into a yoga lesson, with both men showing off their muscles. That is until...Ashton89 goes to feel the solid glutes of Cason. A wrestling match begins and Cason takes over and manhandles Ashton89. At one point Cason makes Ashton89 describe how his bicep feels to the people watching. Ashton89 still can't help but to keep worshipping the muscles of Cason as he gets more and more irritated. Cason gets more and more aggressive as the match goes on, starting to really lay into Ashton89. The smaller wrestler attempts to pull off some moves against the Thunders stud, Cason, which is usually halted by tight bearhugs and big power moves. As the end draws near, Ashton89 attempts one last shot at beating Cason. Will he beat Cason and have his way with him? Or will the beatdown end with Ashton89 on the mat?