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Ashton89 vs Kuma - Vegas Battles 102

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Muscle worship wrestling meets an extraordinary bodybuilder.

Kuma is flexing in the mirror when a small creak is heard coming from behind him. Kuma is unaware that Ashton89 is slowly opening the closet he has been hiding in to sneak a peek at Kuma and his well built physique. Ashton89 slowly creeps up behind Kuma and tries to feel a bicep, and that startles Kuma. "Where did you come from?" Ashton89 begins to show his admiration of Kuma's physique. Kuma will allow Ashton89 to feel his muscles as long as he asks permission first. They then begin to flex and compare muscles, which leads to a wrestling match that is half domination and half muscle admiring. The match has a climatic ending and leaves one wrestler to have is way, however he wants, with the loser.