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boston crab

Aspen vs Cason - Custom Video Series 88

$ 34.75

This was a custom script where the person requested, 

"Aspen is wearing a speedo, sneakers & white ankle socks

The first half of the video should be mainly Cason dominating Aspen

Here’s how I want the second half of the video/ending to unfold:

Cason puts Aspen in a camel clutch

Aspen slowly starts to lose consciousness and body goes limp

Once Aspen is out, Cason lets go of the hold and Aspen is knocked out face down on the mat.  Camera zooms into Aspen’s face

Cason then grabs one of Aspen’s feet and says he is going to tear him apart limb by limb

Camera zooms into to Aspen’s foot as Cason takes off his shoe & sock

Cason starts to pull and bend Aspen’s toes one by one, as Aspen wakes up and starts screaming in pain.

Cason mocks Aspen as he bends his toes by saying lines such as “this little piggy went to the market”

Cason then locks Aspen in an ankle lock.  Aspen starts tapping out and screaming that he quits, but Cason keeps the hold locked in.

Cason eventually releases the ankle lock and Aspen clutches his ankle in pain.

Cason poses over Aspen as he is down on the mat grabbing at his ankle.

Cason then grabs Aspen’s other foot and says “I think this one feels left out”

Aspen begs Cason to let him go, but Cason tears off Aspen’s other shoe & sock and starts pulling and bending Aspen’s toes.

Aspen struggles to break free and Cason starts biting Aspen’s big toe.

Aspen eventually kicks himself free and tries to stand up, but he falls right back down because of the damage done to his ankle.

Cason then hovers over Aspen as he is on the ground in pain.  He starts stomping on Aspen’s ankles.

Cason yells in Aspen’s face that he is not done yet and then picks up Aspen by his throat.

Cason then tells Aspen it’s time to go to sleep, as he puts him in a sleeper hold

Aspen starts to go to sleep.  As he is losing consciousness, Cason wraps his legs around Aspen’s body, with the sleeper hold still applied.  He keeps squeezing tighter until Aspen is completely out.

Cason then release the hold and Aspen is knocked out, face up on his back.  

Cason picks up Aspen’s arm and lets it limply drop to the mat, making sure that he is out.

Cason then says “now I’ve got you right where I want to you”

Cason then goes and gets either rope, a belt or tape and ties Aspen’s ankles together.  Camera should zoom in on Aspen’s feet as they are getting bound.

While Aspen is laid out, with his feet tied, Cason picks up Aspen’s head and tells the camera to zoom in.  He puts Aspen’s unconscious face right up into the camera, while mocking him and saying “look at this loser; he’s pathetic”, etc.

Cason then says he wants to remember this moment and goes to get his phone.  He starts taking pictures of Aspen knocked out on the mat.  He then lies down next to him and takes a couple selfies, next to Aspen’s unconscious body.  In one of the selfies, he even kisses Aspen on the cheek.

Cason then picks up Aspen’s sock off the mat and shoves it into Aspen’s mouth as he is still knocked out.

He takes a few more pictures of Aspen laying there knocked out with his sock in his mouth.

Cason then leaves and the camera slowly starts to zoom in on Aspen’s laid out body.  The camera starts at his feet that are still tied to together and then slowly scrolls up to Aspen’s face, still asleep.  The last camera shot be a close-up of Aspen’s face, knocked out, with his sock in his mouth."