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Aspen vs Tristan - Rough & Ready 152

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

It's the ultimate showdown between two underground wrestling superstars: Aspen and Tristan! Aspen starts off by flexing and posing for the camera, but Tristan isn't impressed. He wants to show Aspen who's the REAL walking legend! The two wrestlers tie up hard, and Aspen gets the upper hand. He starts delivering thunderous slaps to Tristan's glutes, and soon both studs are pouring sweat. But Tristan isn't about to let Aspen have his way. He flips Aspen over and starts hitting him with brutal gut punches!

The match becomes a back and forth battle, with both wrestlers using all sorts of moves like forearm smashes, sleeper holds, submissions, power moves, and even biting! But things start to get really intense when Aspen crosses a line and slaps Tristan in the face, then tries to spit in his mouth! Will Tristan let Aspen humiliate him like that? 

The match gets very brutal and real when Aspen goes to grab a weapon! (this was unscripted and VERY real -- Aspen was fined for his out of line behavior after this match). Aspen grabs a toilet seat and SLAMS it into Tristan's face! He continues using the weapon to torture Tristan! The point of no return is when he grabs the weapon and hits Tristan so hard that screws EXPLODE from their hinges!

Watch and witness the brutality that made Tristan nearly quit Thunders Arena forever!