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atom matthew james singlets camel clutch submission hold submit

Atom vs Matthew James - Mat Rats 45

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Muscular tough guy Atom is in his singlet chowing down in the kitchen. Big muscular newcomer Matthew James, who is also in a wrestling singlet, walks in and grabs Atoms food, taking a bite. James flexes a huge arm as he says he needs the meal more than the smaller Atom. Atom drags the big man to the wrestling mat to teach him some respect. Atom throws James against the wall, plants his foot in his back, pulls the big guy back by his arms and asks him, Gonna take my food? Then Atom sits on the big mans back and taunts him some more. Unimpressed, James laughs, asking Atom if thats the best he can do. Then the big newcomer shows his power. He gets to his feet with Atom still on his back, throws Atom to the mat and locks on a body scissors with his massive thighs, while flexing and admiring his own big arms. Then James throws Atom belly down over his wide shoulder and bounces him, taunting the little guy by asking Baby like bouncing? When James is done playing with the little guy, he puts him in a camel clutch, calling Atom a pathetic small fry. After James finally lets Atom out of the brutal camel clutch, Atom brushes it off as just a good stretch. Now Atom goes on the offensive, putting the big guy belly down over his shoulder for a few bounces before dropping him on his back and sitting on him. But James power is just too much and he again gets on top of Atom. The big fair-haired bully brags about the size of his own triceps as he presses them into Atoms face. Atom powers out and puts James massive legs into an excruciating figure four leg lock, followed by a Boston crab. When Matthew James gets out of the hold, he puts Atom against the wall, peels down Atoms singlet to trap his arms and delivers a half dozen powerful punches to Atoms gut. After the beating, Atom declares that he is done playing and takes off his singlet, leaving his compact, muscular body in a pair of square cut briefs. He puts James into a belly to back bear hug, lifting the big beast off the mat. Then he puts the big man against the wall, peeling the singlet down off of James massive chest to trap his arms and slugs punches James rock hard abs. When the muscleman drops to the mat in pain, Atom locks him into a body scissors with his thick, powerful legs. When hes done, Atom pulls off James singlet, leaving him in a pair of purple briefs. Then Atom picks James huge body up and gives him a pile driver. When the two get to their feet, James brags about his huge size, saying Look how big I am and how small you are. This leads to a hot posing session with each guy claiming his muscles are bigger. James tells Atom that he shouldnt embarrass himself with any more wrestling, but the tough, muscular little wrestler goes at the big man anyway. James puts Atom into an airplane spin then sits on Atoms back, bragging, Feel the power and the strength. Youre not going anywhere. But muscular Atom gets out and puts the bigger man in a hold with each of his legs stretched in opposite directions, saying Im going to make you submit. The muscleman screams in pain and says I give over and over before the now cocky little guy finally releases the hold. Atom brags that No one can touch me no matter how big they are. But as Atom is enjoying his victory posing, Matthew James locks him into a full nelson, telling surprised Atom, Im gonna teach you a lesson. Then he picks the little guy up for a gorilla press slam. With Atom unconscious on the mat, the big cocky bodybuilder puts his foot on Atoms stomach and tells Atom to Sleep tight. This match is a super hot display of big muscle vs. little muscle, with both showing they can dominate.