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Atom vs Red - No Holds Barred 32

$ 31.59

Red is wanting to get in some mat practice time to burn off some of those extra calories he packed on after his last body fitness competition, which he won. So he tries to trick Atom into working out with him. Atom is in no mood but realizes that Red is not going to take no for an answer to he attacks and the NO HOLDS BARRED BATTLE is on and they waste no time in pulling out the "dirty tricks". There is a lot of back and forth flips, slams, and boston crabs, with a few extra school boy pins put in there for a humiliation factor. They are suddenly interrupted and attacked by a mystery massive bodybuilder who has a problem with Atom and Red just gets beat up for being associated with Atom. 2 little guys against one big guy match is on! There are double choke lifts slamming the two men, Atom and Red into the wall. There are double over the should lift and carries with a crazy stacking of both men over each other. The double headlock, one man's head under each arm pit life being squeezed out of them. Then they both get slammed into the wall, flipped around and relentlessly gut punched over and over at the same time. It is BRUTAL to watch them be destroyed, even to the point of having 2 men in the same full nelson!!! Just when you think they can not take it any more, there is this awesome 2 man rib crushing bear hug that will blow your mind! They both pass out and are stacked on top of each other like cord wood, only to have our mystery bodybuilder flexing over them and walking off.