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Skyler atom Boston crab submission hold

Atom vs Skyler - Battlespace 79

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This match opens with tough, muscular, little guy Atom gut punching new guy Skyler, who looks lean, muscular and confident. When Skyler takes some shots at Atoms abs, Atom is unfazed, calling the punches cute. The two exchange some really hot gut punching for a few minutes, with both of these tough guys taking the punches without admitting any pain, but both are clearly hurting form the beating. Then the newcomer shows off his strength by putting Atom over his shoulder and carries him around, bragging This guy is so light. But when Skyler drops Atom to the mat and goes for the pin, he only gets a two count against tough grappler Atom. Atom throws his thickly muscled body on top of Skyler and tells him You're not gonna pin me, I'm gonna pin you. Skyler rolls out of the pin and makes another unsuccessful try at a three count before Atom gets Skyler in a leg scissors, flexing and trash talking as he controls Skyler with his thick legs. When they break, both of these muscular tough guys do some flexing and brag about the size of their muscles. After some mat action, Atom picks Skyler up and puts him over his knee for a backbreaker. When Atom breaks the hold and rolls Skyler to the mat, Skyler quickly gets to his feet and puts Atom into an abdominal stretch. When Skyler releases Atom from the hold, Atom puts Skyler upside down with his shoulder on Atoms knee, Atoms hands locked together between Skylers legs pulling down. Despite the pain, Skyler refuses to give. When Skyler gets out of the hold he manhandles Atom to his back and goes for the pin. But its only a two count. Atom then uses his own impressive skills and the power in his thickly muscled wrestlers body to get Skyler in a school boy pin, flexing while he brags Youll never pin me. Then he rolls Skyler over for an attempted camel clutch. Skyler breaks out and attempts a series of holds on Atom, showing impressive mat skills. They lock up and Atom carries Skyler on his bag like a backpack. Then Skyler does the same thing to Atom. Then Atom throws Skyler over his shoulders and does some squats and lunges, bragging about how light Skyler is. As soon as Atom drops Skyler to the mat, Skyler retaliates putting Atom over his shoulders and doing some lunges and squats. When they lock up again, Skyler quickly gets Atom into a perfectly applied camel clutch. Realizing he has total control over Atom, Skyler calls Atom weak and repeatedly orders Atom to submit. When Atom finally gives, cocky Skyler kisses his own biceps and declares This guy is nothing. With Atom still in pain, Skyler administers some more punishment, putting Atom into a Boston crab. Skyler again orders Atom to submit. After screaming in pain, Atom finally taps out. Again, cocky Skyler kisses his biceps and says Atom is nothing. When Atom tries to get up, Skyler humiliates him by telling him to stay down and stomping on his back. When Atom tries again to get up, merciless Skyler puts the poor guy into another camel clutch to teach him a lesson in obedience, saying I told you to stay down. Submit. Im not going to tell you again. But even after Atom submits to Skyler and says he will stay down, sadistic Skyler says Im not done with you and puts Atom into yet another camel clutch. When Atom finally passes out from the pain, Skyler gloats over his victory. He flexes with his foot on Atoms back, kisses his biceps and once more says This guys nothing. This is one of the most thoroughly dominant endings you'll see in a match anywhere. Don't miss it.