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Atom ZMan reverse bearhug submission hold submit torture pain

Atom vs Zman - Rough & Ready 64

$ 25.95

Atom arrives to poke fun at Zman, wearing his square cut trunks, and displaying a thicker muscularity. When Atom insultingly tosses leaves and dirt onto the mat Zman has just swept, the guys get into a battle using the broom as weapon, to choke and swat at each other, but soon that's tossed aside as the fight increases in intensity. Atom puts Zman in a big bear hug, while flexing to demonstrate his dominance. He lowers Zman to the mat, amplifying the pain to Zman's lower back. Atom drags Zman around the dirty mat, then climbs on his back, rolling Zman over while still keeping a choke hold firmly applied. Zman manages to struggle to his knees, and Atom jumps off his back. Zman grabs Atom around the waist and transitions to a powerful full nelson. Atom is pulled down to the mat, and Zman rubs his face in the dirt that he tossed on the mat to begin with...He puts Atom into a full nelson, keeping his powerful legs wrapped around Atom's torso. Atom manages to struggle loose, and pulls Zman down on top of him, rolling over and getting Zman's head trapped between his massive quads. Atom has Zman's right elbow hyper-extended, and to humiliate Zman, Atom rubs dirt in Zman's perfect hair. But as Atom arrogantly flexes, Zman seizes the opportunity to escape. Zman's skills and experience come to the fore now, as he executes two devastating elbow drops on Atom's midsection. He drags Atom to his feet, then somersaults him forward, on the top of his head, and into a tight cradle. Atom powers out, and the two combatants lock up again. Zman gets another bear hug on Atom, and lifts him off the mat. As Atom weakens in Zman vice grip, he's dropped to the mat, as Zman continues his attack. With a wrenching rear naked choke, Zman forces Atom to tap out...to no avail. Zman only relents when he's good and ready, and has taken the wind out of Atom, kicking him when he's down. Zman wishbones Atom's legs and an elbow drop to Atom's inner thigh and groin really hit their mark. But Atom's not so easily dispatched, and rising like a phoenix, locks up with Zman. In an amazing display of power and stamina, Atom hoists Zman over his head in an impressive military press, then drops him all the way to the mat on the hard ground. Atom proceeds to work on Zman's legs and lower back, with a firm grip on Zman's ankles. With Zman howling in pain, Atom flexes triumphantly. Again the two get to a collar and elbow tie-up, and once again, Zman is pressed over Atom's head, in the air, and again, dropped to the mat. Atom gets Zman into a Boston Crab, with his head brutally cranked back. Atom releases Zman, only to rub his face in the dirt, and then toss him into the center of the mat. But the resilient Zman rises and surprises Atom with a killer drop kick, both feet planted in Atom's midsection.Two stunning bodyslams have Atom reeling, and a third bodyslam takes the wind out of him...Zman transitions this into his torturous Boston Crab, and then tosses Atom off the mat onto the dirty lawn. Atom's furious now, and attacks Zman with renewed fury, rubbing his face in the dirt, pulling his hair, choking him, maneuvering him into a crushing leg scissors, then shoving Zman's head between his beefy thighs, and wrenching Zman's elbow into hyperextension...Atom loses concentration as he flexes, and Zman sees his chance to get a front facelock on Atom. Atom muscles out, and puts another bear hug on Zman, lifting him off the ground and suddenly dropping him to the mat. With Zman's head between his quads, he puts the pain on Zman, then delivers a big drop kick to Zman's sternum and abs, which stuns Zman...he's dragged by the leg into the center of the mat, and Atom applies his powerful full nelson. But as soon as Zman is released, he delivers two massive drop kicks on Atom, and the big man is slow to recover. A third expertly executed drop kick hits its mark, and Atom is down. Zman climbs on top of Atom, claws his broad back, then flips him onto his back, with intent to end this confrontation once and for all.... But Atom delivers a stunning low blow to Zman, then drags his agonized opponent onto the lawn, wrenching Zman's back and inflicting so much pain that Zman passes out cold. Atom isn't satisfied with winning, he wants to humiliate the arrogant Zman, so he stuffs leaves and grass into the mouth of his unconscious victim, then unceremoniously tosses Zman's limp body back onto the mat. Atom places his knee in the middle Zman's broken back and flexes over him, victorious once and for all.