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Axel vs Cason - Mat Rats 151 Part 2

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

*Mat Rats Part 1 is the full match between Axel and Hawk. Part 2 is a continuation of the story line and is a separate full match. 

Axel shoves Cason and confronts him about helping the rookie Hawk in their previous match. Cason shrugs it off before locking up with Axel. Axel and Cason have a trash talking dick measuring contest while going back and forth on the mat. Counter after counter both wrestlers shows off their wrestling skills (along with their great trash talking skills). Axel seems to gain a slight advantage in the beginning, but Cason obviously has the strength advantage over Axel. Axel holds his own with bearhugs, ab stretches, boston crab, and leg scissors. However, when Axel gets a little cocky and starts to flex Cason's ego comes to the surface and he starts to go harder. He starts to throw HARD gut punches and lock in TIGHT sleeper holds on Axel. Using his bodyweight and his leg strength, he squeezes the air out of Axel. But, a quick move and a brutal ab stretch from Axel, completely pops one of Cason's ribs out of place! Axel takes no mercy and uses the injury to his advantage taking Cason down. The back and forth battle continues until both wrestlers are on the brink of exhaustion. Cason locks in a vicious bearhug before slamming Axel into the mat. Axel is not done trash talking and both guys lock back up. With both men completely worn out, the match become a battle of who wants it more! Both guys go in for the kill attempting to finish the other. The only question left is...WHO WANTS IT MORE?