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Axel vs Hawk - Mat Rats 151 Part 1

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

*Mat Rats Part 1 is the full match between Axel and Hawk. Part 2 is a continuation of the story line and is a separate full match. 

The newest bodybuilder added to the Thunders' roster is warming up on the mat when OUT OF NOWHERE Axel jumps him! The strong and silent rookie Hawk quickly counters throwing Axel to the mat. However, the more experienced Axel counters with back with a vicious ab stretch showing off the rookie's defined body for the camera. Axel struggles to control the power of Hawk! Using bearhugs and full nelsons, Axel attempts to gain the advantage before bending and stretching Hawk in various holds. He climbs up his back locking in a figure four submission. To his surprise, HAWK STARTS TO SQUAT HIM LIKE HE WEIGHS NOTHING! The two studs lock up and Hawk now gains the momentum stretching Axel over his knee. But the experience starts to show when Axel counters each move the new massive rookie Hawk tries. It becomes a struggle between power and skill. Axel works the rookie over even countering and giving the rookie lessons! But when Hawk slams Axel's face into the mat and begins to slap Axel BRUTALLY across his chest the mood changes. Axel's chest gets red and swells up and Hawk zones in slowly wearing the more experienced Axel down. Axel becomes overwhelmed by Hawk's power. Gut punches, slaps, sleeper holds, and pins lure Hawk into confidence before Axel pulls a veteran move and low blows the rookie taking him down

Cason shows up to see the new rookie and he is NOT IMPRESSED. He steps in to show the rookie how to properly show the fans of Thunders what they want to see! Axel is surprised Cason would side with the new rookie. When Cason is done just watching, he decides to put both Axel and Hawk to shame. He finishes both guys off and walks away. But, that is not going to be cool with the veteran Axel having a rookie show him up! Part 2 will show just how veterans at Thunders Arena handle problems with other wrestlers!