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Azuel puts Chase88 into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Azuel vs Chase88 - Rough & Ready 112

$ 31.25

It's a bearhug/sleeper battle royale! Chase88 stands toe to toe with Thunder's newest muscle monster Azuel mocking his mask. "Better than that facial hair!" "Obviously your face isn't that good looking if you're trying to hide it!" The trash talk continues as both muscle hunks have a pose off comparing size. "At least I got a bigger chest than you!" Azuel flexes his beefy pecs mocking his opponent's toothpick legs. Chase88 isn't intimidated declaring he has better biceps, abs, and face! "I'm tired of this talking!" The Latin behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around the vet in a massive front bearhug SLAMMING him up and down. Chase88 screams in pain as the grip gets tighter and tighter. Azuel takes the vet down with his bearhug locked in, "You give up?" The muscle stud struggles to escape as he gasps for air and is forced to tap out. Chase88 gets back to his feet charging in with a crushing rear bearhug, "Let's see you get out of this!" Azuel coughs struggling to breathe, "You're strong; my ribs!" His thick muscles strain under the pressure until he gives in collapsing to the mat. With one point each, the muscle titans tie up. Azuel powers out lifting Chase88 in belly to belly and belly to back bearhugs trying to damage his ripped frame, "I'm gonna break every one of your ribs!" Chase88 fights against the mounds of muscle and is able to break away lifting the 200 pounder tight against his chest, "I can hold you all day!" Azuel groans in pain, "You sure skinny? I got like 40 pounds on you!" The muscle stud SQUEEZES and carries the Latin beefcake as long as he can until finally he is forced to drop him. Azuel pulls Chase88 down with him trapping him in a bearhug, "Ready to take your last breath?" The beast's power has Chase88 howling, "My ribs!" as he taps again and stumbles to his feet. 

The vet recovers challenging Azuel to another flex off. The naive giant turns his back to Chase88 leaving him wide open for a CRUSHING sleeper! "Time to go to sleep!" Azuel's bulging biceps flail in the air as he tries to break out. His meaty muscles go limp as he passes out crumbling to the mat. The vet clubs his victim awake to continue his torture. Out of nowhere, Azuel jumps on Chase88's chiseled back and SQUEEZES his throat with his bicep. The muscle stud struggles to stay standing with the extra 200 pounds on his back. He fights to stay conscious as the oxygen rushes from his head until finally he falls to the mat and is counting sheep. Wanting to inflict more damage, Azuel jars Chase88 awake with a vicious forearm to the back. The back and forth battle continues with even BIGGER bearhugs and sleepers: bearhugs in the air, bearhugs on the mat, a half nelson sleeper, a dragon sleeper! PAIN SO INTENSE, one wrestler fears his neck will be broken! What happened? You gotta see it to find out!