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wrestler in a leg lock

Azuel vs Duke - No Holds Barred 144

$ 31.25

Duke is getting his pump on doing push ups. Out of nowhere, Azuel flies through the air landing on the vet's back CRUSHING him into the mat, "Those are some pretty bad push ups!" Duke moans in pain trying to catch his breath when he is rolled over in a tight schoolboy pin. "Woo! Let's go!" celebrates Azuel. The muscle hunk stumbles to his feet pissed off, "What the hell? Nobody does that to me!" They lock up; the Latin behemoth TACKLES Duke wrapping him up in a tight body scissors. The vet strains to escape as the masked rookie stretches him out on the mat. "Thought you didn't like being manhandled?" taunts Azuel. Big mistake! Duke powers out trapping the Latin beefcake in a scissor/sleeper combo. "You're so strong!" groans the beast as he fights to escape. Duke struggles to keep the big man down as Azuel breaks free delivering a vicious BANANA SPLIT! "Let's see you get out of this one!" Duke is in agony and can barely stand after the hold is released. Azuel is ready for him lifting the muscle hunk in a fireman's carry parading his prize around. "Put me down!" Duke delivers a massive dirty trick sending the beast crumbling to the mat and locks in a REAR NAKED CHOKE! Azuel groans in agony but finally rolls out pinning Duke down with his weight, "Come on! You gotta do more with those meaty arms!" The muscle stud takes the masked giant down with another dirty trick as they tussle on the mat. Azuel rolls around to escape peeling Duke's pants off his quads of steel. The titans get back to their feet and lock up. Duke wraps his powerful pythons around the muscle monster in a tight bearhug dropping him to the mat. The Latin powerhouse retaliates CRUSHING Duke's neck with his tree trunk quads in a reverse head scissors and leg sleeper. The muscle stud struggles to stay conscious as the devious Azuel laughs at his pain, "I can lay here all day!" A modified scissor/cradle combo has Duke stretched so tight, he is forced to tap out to escape the torment. "That's all you could take?" A sleeper battle breaks out as one muscle hunk puts his victim out again and again; his mounds of muscle useless to escape the beating! Who will be left standing?


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