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body builder in a choke hold

Azuel vs Joey King - Rough & Ready 116

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

"I'm pretty perfect as you can see. This bicep, who can beat that?" Azuel flexes his thick muscles when he's interrupted by Joey King. "What is this? You sound very white for a luchador. Is this like your pro-wrestler look, throw on a Spanish mask?" Azuel isn't intimidated, "At least you're not gonna be able to see the face that's beating you. Let's go!" They lock up. The Latin muscle beast traps the vet in a standing guillotine choke then uses the wall to deliver a TORNADO DDT! Joey King is dazed, clutches his aching head, and stumbles to his feet, "Ok, you little Mexican jumping bean, that one hurt!" The luchador can't get enough of his muscle and continues flexing until Joey surprises him with a devastating LOW BLOW! Azuel howls in pain as he's picked up into a crippling camel clutch! "Come on Jorge. Donde esta el green card?" The vet continues mocking the behemoth demanding he admit Joey is King or Joey is El Guapo before he releases his hold. "You'll never hear me say that!" Next, he delivers vicious forearms to the luchador's beefy pecs as he screams in pain, "You'll learn at the end!" Joey takes the rookie down in a headlock and CLUBS his thick back. "Take this stupid mask off you!" He tries to peel it off, but Azuel fights back. Joey King UNLEASHES on his victim: powerful punches to the chest, vicious kicks to the quads; he wraps his bicep around the luchador's throat in a CRUSHING sleeper. "Time to go to sleep! Buenas noches!" Azuel gasps for air trying to escape. His hulking muscles collapse to the mat, and soon he is counting sheep. Joey counts him out, "Uno, dos, tres, you fake luchador!" The vet smacks his victim awake, and he stumbles to his feet. "That was the only one you get!" Azuel says he needs a quick recharge and begins flexing to get a pump on. Joey King uses the distraction again taking him down with a BRUTAL blow to the back! "You can't talk crap; you can't wrestle. All you know how to do is flex, right?" Joey continues his torture: knees to the gut, clubs to the back, and he locks in another camel clutch. Azuel is in pure agony. His back is stretched to its limits, but he still refuses to admit Joey is King, "In your dreams!" "In my dreams? Here's a dream for ya!" The vet locks the beast in a devastating DRAGON SLEEPER, and the luchador is sent back into oblivion. "Wanna be Nacho Libre, that's twice!" The battle continues: punches, body scissors, CLOTHESLINES, and sleepers! Will Azuel finally be forced to admit Joey is El Guapo, or will he escape with the win?