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Baby Herc vs Heathen - Rough & Ready 160

$ 25.95

Baby Herc got his bodybuilder meal of chicken and rice and is fueled up for a go with new guy Heathen! An intense initial tie up leads to Herc stepping back and letting Heathen admire his physique from his perfect diet! Heathen wants to get his hands on Herc's shredded body so he snatches him up in a bearhug! Baby Herc fights but Heathen is displaying he has some fight! 

Herc is getting frustrated not being able to handle Heathen the way he thought! Herc stretches Heathen to his limit with a brutal ab stretch and Heathen is on the brink of tapping out! Can he last being stretched out by Baby Herc?

Herc takes full control of the match pinning Heathen into the mat! Heathen is splayed out and Herc is taking no mercy! But Heathen has fight! He manages to snag Herc into a deep sleeper! But Herc's experience keeps him calm.

Herc counters Heathen's sleeper and smashes him over his knee with a backbreaker! An intense back and forth leads to one bodybuilder resorting to dirty tactics to finish off his opponent! Download Now and see!