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Barbosa vs Brix - Rough & Ready 138

$ 31.25

A lesson in respect leads to knock outs, tap outs, and BROKEN bones! "I'm gonna get my workout in; I'm not even worried about you!" taunts Brix doing push-ups ignoring his competition. Angry, the new muscle beast Barbosa STOMPS the cocky rookie into the mat ready to teach him a lesson, "Stay down!" Brix refuses to quit his workout as his skull is slammed over and over into the ground rattling his brain. Barbosa wraps his meathook hand around Brix's throat dragging him to his feet and BODYSLAMS Brix almost breaking his back! Groaning in pain, Brix is laid out as the 235lbs Barbosa drops his knee on Brix's chest; his ribs cracking under the weight as he's choked down on the mat. Brix is let go and tries doing more push-ups, but Barbosa strikes with a massive choke-lift and RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Screaming in pain, the 165lbs Brix taps out from the intense pressure and crumbles to the ground. Back on their feet, the wrestlers tie-up; Brix uses his speed trying for a takedown but is easily slammed on his face. Barbosa mounts his victim's back YANKING back on his chin as Brix groans in agony about to break in half! The dominant Barbosa releases his hold flexing his bulging biceps as Brix tries ELBOWING the heavyweight's ribs to escape. Desperate, Brix slides out and pulls Barbosa to his feet trying for a full nelson, but he is too big. Barbosa drags Brix down in a headlock and wraps his tree-trunk quads around him in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Brix pleads for mercy trying to break free as Barbosa FLEXES tighter and tighter taking his scissors to the mat. Barbosa transitions to a brutal leg sleeper; his small victim powerless to move, goes limp, and passes out. Ready for more torture, Barbosa sits up the motionless Brix and CLUBS him awake with a forearm blow to the back! A flex off and pec bounce competition has both wrestlers comparing size. Brix has one final trick up his sleeve, but will it be enough to take down Barbosa? A vicious head scissors, chop to the chest, and series of BONE-CRUSHING bearhugs lead to a pile of broken muscle on the mat.