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Batar vs Rome  - Mat Rats 05A

Batar vs Rome - Mat Rats 05A

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Get ready as a friendly wrestling lesson quickly erupts into an ALL-OUT BRAWL! Rome offers to teach Batar some moves, so he can beat his brother Ajax, the state champ. A quick tie up leads to a shoulder carry, belly to belly bearhugs, and Rome and Batar FLIPPING each other head over heels on the mat. Warmed up from the lesson, both wrestlers flex and compare their bulging biceps. Playtime is over as Rome yanks Batar's arm behind his back taking him down for a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors. "You got a lot to learn!" threatens Rome with a full nelson/scissor combo. Groaning in pain, Batar breaks free and struggles to his feet pulling down his singlet ready for revenge. Two massive tie-ups have Batar UNLEASHING his power with over-the-shoulder takedowns, a DDT, and tight sleeper! Rome gasps for air as Batar drags him to his feet and pulls down Rome's singlet straps pinning his arms down to his sides. Powerless to move, Rome is slammed into the wall as Batar HAMMERS away Rome's abs with vicious gut punches. "Come on Mr. Pro Wrestler!" mocks Batar tossing the barely breathing Rome down to the mat. The brutal battle continues as Rome and Batar take off their singlets using them as WEAPONS OF PAIN to choke and tie each other up. Struggling for air, both wrestlers exchange tight front and rear bearhugs slamming each other into the walls for even HARDER gut punches! Breathing hard and heavy, Rome and Batar bend and break each other apart as a tight cradle, crushing body scissors, and NECK-BREAKING full nelson lead to a shocking submission!