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Battle of the Blondes - Custom Video Series 149 Part 1

$ 34.75

Battle of the Blondes featuring:

Duke, Iceman18, and Meaty

A discussion of who the best blonde at Thunders Arena quickly turns to violence when Meaty decides to settle the score of the mat. Duke and Meaty tie up as Iceman18 looks on. Meaty shows his power lifting duke upside down in a bearhug. A stalemate on the mat leads to a flex off and Meaty takes advantage of Duke being distracted talking about himself and locks in a DEEP ab stretch! Duke moans in agony as the striations in his abs are pulled to their max. Meaty smashes him down and begins to stretch Duke out putting pressure on his lower back over and over. Meaty has his way with Duke and pounds him into the mat. He pins him down and 1! 2! 3! 

Meaty wants to take on Iceman next and is pumped up! When Iceman and Meaty go to throw Duke to the side, Duke wakes up and is angry! However, he stands no chance taking on two bodybuilders at once! Iceman and Meaty clobber Duke over and over. Iceman shoos away Meaty and wants Duke all to himself. He isn't ready when Duke starts to fight dirty. Duke fights back with dirty moves and eventually Iceman has had enough. He uses dirty moves right back to retake the advantage! Bearhugs, dirty moves, and A TON OF GUT PUNCHES highlight the action as Duke and Iceman battle back and forth. When Duke has succumbed to the power of both Meaty and Iceman, the two massive bodybuilders get rid of his unconscious body. What else is there to do? They head back to the mat and admire each others bodies and the work they just did demolishing their victim. 

Get Early Access to Part 2 with purchase of Part 1.