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Battle of the Blondes - Custom Video Series 149 Part 2

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Part 2 follows Part 1.

Make sure to go watch part 1 before jumping into part 2!

Meaty and Iceman18 have just disposed of Duke and came back to the mat to worship their God-like bodies. As Meaty is worshipping the tree trunk legs on Iceman, he smothers him in a side headlock. Slowly he gets tighter and tighter, but Meaty doesn't break out. DOES HE LIKE IT? All of a sudden, a noise distracts Iceman and Meaty returns the favor locking in a side headlock. Iceman doesn't stop the worship and both men enjoy the strength and power of the other. However, the real test to find out who is the best man is to wrestle! They lift each other up until there is an injury! Meaty is pissed he can't wrestle the real man, Iceman, now because he got hurt wrestling the beta male Duke. He then goes to the other room and takes it out on him! He pummels Duke into the couch he finds him on. He then shoves him around the room punishing him in every way imaginable. When he is done being teased, he decides to go find Iceman again. Iceman already knows he is the best blonde at Thunders now, but Meaty wants another shot. A chest to chest bearhug proves otherwise and Meaty has his ribs crushed! But he still isn't finished! He returns a long, crushing bearhug! Back on the mat is a final, all out battle for Blonde superiority! Bearhugs, leg scissors, schoolboy pins, pec claws, gut punches, and dirty moves leave both men exhausted but one victorious.

Who will win bragging rights as the #1 blonde at Thunders Arena?