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Batar vs Frank the Tank and Zman vs Uno - Battle of the Male Models 2

Batar vs Frank the Tank and Zman vs Uno - Battle of the Male Models 2

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Zman vs Uno

Zman is laying by the pool getting a a tan. Uno comes out angry because he lost to STL. There is no love loss between these two, there has been a jealousy between them over each other's modeling career from day one. Uno challenges Zman to wrestling match to see if he can man up. Uno explodes onto Zman up and carries him around, drops him, onto his knee - in a backbreaker, gets him to scream then drops him. Uno flexes, Zman trash talks then has a flex off with him. When that doesn't settle anything Uno puts Zman in a reverse bearhug. Zman breaks free finally only to rushes in and grab Uno around the waist for a bearhug. Uno beaks out and comes up, apologizes for hurting Zman, then offers to help him up, but picks him up in a fireman's carry. Uno then tricks him by overhead presses Zman and drops him onto the mat. Uno tears up Zman by gut punching him over and over! Then lifts him back up into a fireman's carry. He presses him two more times, then drops him into an over the knee back breaker again! Zman is screaming in pain now by that doesn't stop Uno he picks him up into a reverse bearhug again! Uno continues to DOMINATE over and over! Zman never gives up trying to trash talk more and more. Uno gets mad and surprises Zman with a slap accross the chest. then lifts Zman up by the neck and carries him around in a choke hold, followed by a reverse bearhug. He drops Zman on the mat, then starts punching Zman and then twists Zman's nipple demanding an apology. Then the ending I don't want to give away but ONE of these men ends up with the ultimate humiliation ending...covered in whip cream!

Frank the Tank vs Batar

This match ends in a way you would only remember if you have seen Batar vs Rome from way back. Yet, the beginning of this battle is what is totally unique. Batar hates to be pushed around by anyone. Frank is all about flexing and showing off how powerful he is to dominate someone. Well this is a clash waiting to happen and boy does it ever. I thought these two were going to break out into fists when we were filming this match. Frank does everything in his power to humiliate and show up Batar. Still, what Batar gives on weight and height he makes up for in heart. He attacks and powers through Franks onslaught of bearhugs, power lifts, and body scissors. Still Batar tries to pick up Frank and bearhug him back and show off he is no ordinary light weight, he's got serious power for a smaller guy! These two look a lot a like and it makes you think they are brothers with Batar being the smaller version of Frank. Still in the end there is a surprise ending you don't want to miss. This ending has gut punching that you rarely see at Thunder's Arena but you will love it!