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Zman Diesel arm lock pecs chest arms

Zman Revenge on Diesel - Battlespace 14A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Diesel vs Zman

Revenge, anger, all here in this match. Remember Mat Wars 15 when Diesel exploded onto the scene and destroyed Z-man's tag team partner Ace? You know that match that hurt Ace's lower back real bad, it was total domination. Well Z-man is back to exact his revenge on Diesel for hurting his tag team partner. I've seriously never seen Z-man take anything so personal. Pro wrestling moves explode when Z-man is ticked off in attack mode. He's worse than a starving pit bull. All moves in this match are fast and furious, powerful and instense. Z-man punches Diesel in the head at the start and just keeps on attacking over and over again. Diesel gets trapped in many different leg holds like sharp shooter, figure 4 leg lock, camel clutch, boston crab, and ankle locks. You can totally see where Z-man is trying to hurt Diesel's lower back just like Diesel did to Ace, it's all about the payback now. Z-man even attacks Diesel's manhood with a few shots below the belt. Brutal match to watch, but awesome to see Z-man so fierce! Yet, don't get me wrong Diesel does not just lay there and take it. He powers up and starts ripping Z-man apart in a few places, power slams, strongman counters to serious moves are show how PURE DIESEL POWER, is always a joy to watch. This really is a GREAT match. We seriously just sat back and watched the sparks fly between these two, we just made sure nobody got throw threw a wall. I think Z-man hates Diesel so much he was trying to make sure Diesel would never wrestle at Thunder's Arena again. Is this new rivalry for Z-man? Will Diesel come out ok? You'll have to buy this match and find out. Plus you don't want to miss the hidden weapon Z-man uses to cheat with against Diesel.