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Zman vs Kyle - Battlespace 15A

$ 34.75

Kyle opens up the match flexing and showing of by himself on the mat, when Zman decides to jump Kyle from behind trying put him in a sleeper. Kyle laughs it off and quickly lets Zman know how he's going to make him his bitch, and not to mess with king kyle. in between tossing Zman and his famous bearhugs kyle finds time to sneak some flexing in when he can get a chance, and to pump up his muscles even more he uses Zman as a work out tool as he gorilla presses him. Kyle takes plenty of breaks from lifting to head scissor and humiliate Zman laying on the ground flexing and gloating over his new slave. after he makes Zman give he lets him catch his breath for round to while doing a flex show. He doesn't let him rest too long before dragging him back to the mat for so long painful bearhugs. followed by a half nelson that makes Zman scream in pain. kyle doesn't want the match to end too quickly so he decides to turn Zman over and bash his head repeatedly into the mat then lifts him a few more times before dropping him face first onto the mat. Zman seems pretty out of it till kyle comes from behind and puts him into the most painful mexican table. just when zman can't take it anymore (or kyle couldn't stand his screaming anymore) Kyle drops Zman into a half mexican table and a head lock all in one. after Kyle lets him out he begins his posing. Zman sees his opportunity and takes it. He comes from behind and pins him quickly. Kyle gets angry and tries to walk it off when Zman does it a second time. Zman claims victory and tries to walk away denying kyle from a rematch when Kyle bear hugs him and lets him know that this is a submission match! Kyle puts him into submission hold after submission hold until he gets a tap each time. There's one problem Zman may be giving but Kyle isn't through. Kyle decides to try a ball and chain walking him around the mat before flipping him over and planting him down hard. Kyle wraps his legs around Zman squeezing the breath out of Zman. Zman holds out taking everything Kyle has to offer, until he finds kyle posing on top of him again. Zman flips him over and pins again. Kyle gets mad and decides to make him submit even more and pulling even harder the more Zman taps. Kyle decides to get some more lifting in and keeps throwing Zman over his shoulders and lifting him high for a full 10 reps the last time and then dropping him and picking him right back up for his most painful bearhug yet. then he tosses him up to rack him and then wrap him around his neck like a bow tie he slams him down hard on the mat and then puts him in almost a min long choke hold and then slams zman down on the mat knocking him unconscious. Kyle slaps him in the face showing how out cold zman is then flexes and walks away....have to get the video to find out what happens next.