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Ace Hanson vs Sebastien & Marco vs Sebastian - Battlespace 17

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Ace Hanson vs Sebastien


Ace Hanson (aka Eric Reins) has had his first battle against Joey Meatball. If you have seen it you'll remember it ends with Ace passed out on the couch. Well that was just all too tempting for Sebastien not to mess with some one who is passed out from a sleep hold, so he decides to play a practical joke on Ace. Once the joke is over Sebastien is running for his life from Ace as he is raged up and ready to beat Sebastien down for that joke. Ace finally gets a hold of Sebastien and the beating starts. He traps Sebastien in those massive powerful thighs and starts to squeeze the life out of him. I don't know how Sebastien broke free but he then gets Ace in s full nelson and cranks it on super tight. Ace counters and starts in with bone crushing bearhugs. They struggle more and Ace starts dominating and taking his revenge for the practical joke (you'll have to buy it to see it so funny!) and school boy pins Sebastien down and starts taunting him verbally while slapping him in the face. Then moves onto even more holds like banana spits, and head scissors, and more power moves. This is a GREAT match to watch. It really is one of my personal favorites, Ace Hanson really is not just another pretty boy. He can dominate, wrestle, and get revenge with the best of them.

Marco vs Sebastien with surprise attack by Diesel

Marco is our newest recruit to Thunder's Arena. He comes from a very good boxing background and wants to do more MMA style wrestling. He needs work on his wrestling skills so he decides to ask Sebastien for some help. Well you all know how cocky Sebastien is and he starts to really give our new recruit a lesson in how legs can be used as a weapon. There are Saturday night rides (spladels) and body scissors but our new upstart has a few surprises of his own for Sebastien. Out comes his fighting stance and boy he can hit like a pro for some serious gut punching. He just starts pounding away on Sebastien's abs and really pushes it. Sebastien counters with some bearhugs and out of the blue comes Diesel. You'll have to see why but Sebastien mouths off to Diesel about something and that just triggers a rage in Diesel to where he flying tackles Sebastien right into the pool. Then they take the fight in the pool with lots of chokes, dunks, and sleeper attempts to battle it out. Great stuff with some of our best superstars!