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Dominic vs Sirus - Battlespace 21A

$ 25.95

Dominic vs Rex

Rex's protein shake must carry some powerful kick because just a couple of sips sends him on a rampage, and Dominic is unlucky enough to be in the path of the storm. Luck is entirely on the side of the fans, though, as Rex and Dominic were destined to square off sooner or later. Rex puts it best when he says that the Arena cant hold both his ego and Dominics. He vows to send Dominic packing. Unsurprisingly, Dominic sees things differently. He was minding his own business when Rex attacked, and if anybody is going to leave the matroom with his tail between his legs, its going to be Rex. Rex, however, has the power of the shake behind him and claims the first takedown. Today, nothing is safe from Rexs sudden rage, not even the shake. The assault is so sudden that it takes Dominic a few minutes to clear his head to process the situation. Rex keeps him down on the mat with below-the-belt punches, bodyslams, leglocks, and headscissors, but eventually Dominic determines to fight fire with fire. He hammers Rex with a low blow and then steadies the bullys wrists over his head in a classic schoolboy pin, followed by a bearhug and abdominal stretch. Dominic goes into dominator mode, stripping down the straps of Rexs singlet to bind the mans hands behind him. The battle is just beginning, though, and what a battle it is! These two brawny lugs assault each other with cradles, chokes, carries, and bodyslams, weaponizing every object in easy reach. Its rock em sock em he-man aggression, just what you have come to expect at Thunders Arena.

Dominic vs Sirus

Dominic comes back from a hard day at the gym, complaining about the creepy skinny kids there who do nothing but stare at him while hes trying to work out. And one of these kids, Sirus, has followed him home, staring at him worshipfully through the sliding glass door. Dominic blows up and goes after the kid, whose dream is one day to be Dominic or, at the every least, worship the mans big and powerful body. You'll never be me, Dominic screams, slugging and stomping Sirus to the floor and slamming him against the furniture. You are pathetic. He interrupts his tirade to strike poses for the camera, thus putting the kids hearts desire within an arms reach but denying him the satisfaction of a long hard look. Sirus tries to escape the blows, but Dominic catches him in a two-handed choke lift and carries him to the

mat room. C'mon, man, please, Sirus pleads, I just want to be like you. But Dominics fury is implacable, and he humiliates the hapless stalker in a series of gorilla presses, headlocks, scissors, nelsons, bearhugs, chokes, mocking tests of strength, and demeaning travesties of pose downs. Dominic is in sneering total beatdown mode, and Sirus will never be able to see his hero in the same light again.