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Cameron Matthews Lex double choke lift and carry choking chokehold

Cameron Mathews vs Lex - Battlespace 22

$ 25.95

Cameron Mathews vs Lex

These two guys, usually so easygoing, pull off one of the most intense matches in Thunders Arena history. Its almost as if they wanted to shed their squeaky clean, smiling good-guy images. Well, mission

accomplished, because Cameron Mathews and Lex are tough and focused and sometimes tricky competitors. The wisecracks fly, somewhat pointier than usual, nothing off limits, not even moms and nipple rings, but none of it gets in the way of solid submission wrestling delivered by two guys who are ready to fight, no punches pulled. High spot after high spot comes flying off the screen, seamlessly connected, with hardly a pause to catch your breath. The chops are so stiff you'll swear you can feel the sting. The concrete pole adjacent to the mat becomes a third character in the battle as each man finds creative ways to use it as a weapon. And these guys know their holds. You wont find finer, more agonizing clutches, scissors, bearhugs, piledrivers, and on and on. Its hard to think of a hold or plan of attack that these guys leave out of this stunning nailbiter that should not be missed under any circumstances.