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Cameron Mathews vs Brenden Cage - Battlespace 23

$ 25.95

Cameron Mathews vs Brenden Cage

Maybe we roll around a little bit, get warmed up? The evening promises to be the usual fun and games. Brenden Cage drives to Thunders Arena for a paid private wrestling session with Cameron Mathews, whom he met online. Cameron knows very little about his client and guest, but it soon becomes evident that Brenden knows quite a bit about Cam and comes with designs that hes not being upfront about. He wants more than just wrestling; that much becomes clear soon enough. He speaks modestly about his wrestling skills and experience (I'm in shape, but I'm not that skilled), and Cam tries to be encouraging. After all, the guy is his customer, and the customers always right. He offers to go easy on the man, but Brenden says, in a cheerful voice, Dont let me have anything. What follows is certain to be as big a shock to fans as it is to Cameron. Brendan might be a bit older than the typical Arena wrestler (I'm an old man so go easy on me), but hes built like a Roman god. As they roll around, it also becomes clear that Brendan is not the wrestling novice that he pretends to be, and the warm-up gets rougher and rougher and more and more menacing. The match erupts into a full-fledged battle when, after executing a near-crippling Boston crab, Brenden refuses to let Cam back up, pressing his foot to the young mans head and commanding, Stay down. Punishing scissors, spladles, abdominal stretches, and bearhugs follow. Before he knows it, Cameron is caught in a slowly spun web, with the stakes considerably higher than he initially expected. Can he escape? Or is he the proverbial frog in a stewpot being boiled over a gently rising flame? This is the Cameron Mathews match everyone will be talking about years from now, and its an intriguing debut for Brenden Cage.