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Angel vs Python - Battlespace 26

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

The new guy, Python, is bigger and heavier than Angel, but he lacks Angels experience and knowledge of wrestling. He looks fantastic, especially in his spotted trunks, and he carries slabs of bone-crushingmuscle, which no doubt inspired his mat name. Its Angels job to put the mild-mannered recruit through his paces. A more than capable drill sergeant, Angel sees the guys potential, but one thing you need to know about Angel, he doesnt pussyfoot around. He tells Python the correct way to take a fall in wrestling, and then smashes the kid to the mat, not soft and easy for the beginner, but full force, no pampering. At first unimpressed with Pythons bearhug, Angel asks if he cant squeeze a little tighter. Boy oh boy, can he! In half a second Angels eyes bulge and water, and he gasps, All right, so you got bearhugs! Next he demonstrates the gorilla press, but miscalculates the new guys weight and, still feeling a little squished after that bearhug, nearly drops him on the hard tiles. Python gets right back up on his feet, those puppy dog eyes ready for more roughhouse. Y'ain't ready, Angel says, eager to test the limits of this life-size Stretch Armstrong, yet baffled by the mans serene reserve. Angel puts the newcomer through the wringer: chokelifts, nelsons, cradles, surfboards, scissors, armbars, headlocks, and more. Anything to get a rise out of the guy. Python is jacked all right, but it remains to be seen whether Angels pushing and prodding can release the tiger in him and make him the Arenas next star