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Dominic vs Python and Prep vs Tak - Battlespace 28A

$ 25.95

Dominic vs Python

Newcomer Python catches some zs in the matroom, waiting for his interview with Mr. Mike. Dominic wakes him up and tells him hes not big enough for Thunders Arena and tries to send him on his way home. Python insists that he can take Dominic and refuses to budge. When Dominic attempts to

forcibly remove the kid, a fight breaks out. The more experienced Dominic easily dominates Python, who resists but offers little by way of offense. Bearhugs and scissors soon take a toll on the hopeful recruit. Dominic demonstrates his true mastery over his weakened opponent by gorilla pressing him and then lifting him off his feet in a full nelson. Python suffers a full array of the Dominators best moves: torture rack, abdominal stretch, surfboard, and gut punching. He bravely takes it like a man, yet it remains to be seen whether Python has what it takes to make it at the Arena.

TAK vs Prep

What is this, amateur hour over here? At first TAK doesn't
think much of Prep, whos making his Thunders Arena debut. Hes taller than the new guy, but Prep has a solider build. Accustomed to bigger and stronger opponents, including big brother Impact, TAK likes his chances against the new guy. However, Prep is determined to make a good first impression on Thunders Arenas discriminating fans, and in no time he proves himself an aggressive and skilled mat wrestler. TAK is a perfect first challenge for anybody, tough, mouthy, arrogant, constantly tempting his opponent to cut him down to size. Prep is more than happy to clip his wings for him, pounding TAKs abs while paralyzing him in a choke and spladle combination. Given his solid upper body, its unsurprising that he favors headlocks and armbars to weaken and demoralize his opponent. He gives TAK no room for his usual barrage of wisecracks, keeping the big talker wrapped up and groaning for almost the duration of the match. A gorilla press, torture rack, and a couple of chokelifts add spectacle to what is basically a very satisfying exhibition of mat grappling skills. Indeed, his first real test passed with flying colors, Prep is the new man to be reckoned with at the Arena.