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Xavier and Enzo vs Batar - Battlespace 29

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Things are getting hairy at Thunders Arena. What starts out as an ordinary singles match between Batar and hairy-chested Enzo grows into a three-way dance as Xavier, supposedly here only as an onlooker, becomes increasingly embroiled in the fight. Handsome Enzo is handling Batar quite nicely in a by-the-book first round of mat grappling. Taught him everything he knows, Xavier boasts, unable to contain his pride or remain on the sidelines. Batar bristles at the injustice of the two bears ganging up on him, but he senses an out when Enzo expresses his resentment over X taking credit for his wrestling prowess. Batar eggs the rivalry on, asking them whether they're gonna fight or kiss and make up. The ploy backfires when both brutes turn their attentions to Batar, Xavier grabbing him from behind and Enzo squeezing the guys nipples. Xavier takes charge, beating Batar to the mat, then commands Ezno to finish his dirty work: You always finish my dirty work.But the wedge between Enzo and Xavier only widens as Xavier repeatedly puts his protg down, critiquing not only the mans moves but his brilliantined hairstyle as well. Words turn to shoves, and alliances destabilize and morph when Enzo stands between Xavier and Batar and insists on having a go at X, mano a mano, hairy chest to hairy chest. This is one of the Arenas richest storylines ever, packed with surprises and the action you love: bearhugs, gorilla presses, headlocks, scissors, chokes, Boston crabs, and agonizing camel clutches. This battle ends with a cliffhanger, promising more action and no doubt further complications down the pike.