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Dominic Tak Flex flexing pose chest pecs arms abs thighs muscle worship

Dominic vs Tak (1st Feud) - Battlespace 30

$ 34.75

TAK likes to push his luck. He derides Dominic, bigger than ever, for looking like he doesnt go to the gym enough. Then he slaps him across the stomach, teasing the man into a fight. Dominic doesnt need to be coaxed into wrestling, though. He lives for the tough man-to-man contact and the exhilaration of putting pipsqueaks like TAK in their place. He hurls TAK to the mat, scissors him, and delivers a few slaps of his own to the bigmouth kids stomach, slaps that turn into punches. Undeterred and ballsy as ever, TAK lifts Dominic into a belly-to-belly bearhug, which he sustains for longer than you might expect. But he lacks the upper-body strength to keep the big man off his feet indefinitely. Then Dominic applies a reverse bearhug on TAK, his thick forearms clasping the midsection tightly. TAK only semi-succeeds in prying himself loose, because Dominic neatly turns the hug into a full nelson and then flings the kid to the mat. You ready for some more, little guy? Dominic asks. TAK may be smaller, but hes durable, and hes always ready for more wrestling action. Dom lifts, carries, squeezes, and tosses the man like hes a sack of potatoes, even occasionally managing to wipe the near-perpetual smirk off TAKs face. You have to give the All-American Kid credit for even taking on a big side of bison like Dominic in the first place; that he keeps coming back and giving the Dominator a run for his money is either heroic or just plain asking for it. What starts out as playful tussle escalates as Dominic heats up, gets stoked for even rougher play, and, TAK finally getting under his skin, sets out to clean the punks clock once and for all. Matters get a little out of hand, and we witness the beginning of a rivalry that will not end even after a decisive submission. Classic Thunders Arena action all the way!