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Impact vs Brock - Battlespace 31

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Now that muscle-god Impact is hitting it big at Thunders Arena, the competition is coming out of the woodwork. Brock and Mogly are a couple of frat boys who feel that if Impact can achieve instant Internet

stardom, so can they. In Battlespace 31, Brock, the more brawny of the two, hits the mat with Impact in a blistering battle, pitting hardworking, hardplaying Impact against Brock, a college football star with a chip on his shoulder. The two wrestlers are close in size, with Brock carrying a few more pounds to the mat. Impact is not short on confidence, having dealt with arrogant frat brothers through college, and he promises to wipe the floor with Brock. The two lock up as soon as theyre in the same room. Brock scoops Impact up on his right shoulder, pops a left bicep, and thumps the struggling Impact to the mat. Then he gets under the man, scissoring his waist between his beefy thighs and locking his head in his arms. Then its up on the feet again to trap the fan favorite in a reverse bearhug. Impact squirms and kicks, but doesnt escape. Brock pushes him face down to the mat in a full nelson that turns into a chicken wing, while he rides Impacts back and butt. But these are tickling moves, Impact calls them, so Brock better not think the whole match will go this easy for him. In fact, already Impact has positioned himself for a reversal. In a spectacular display of raw power and grappling prowess, Impact thrusts free, pinning Brocks wrists right over his flattop and pressing his midsection down on the mans chest for a solid schoolboy pin. From here on out, its toe-to-toe and give-and-take for the two brawlers, trading turns at giving the other guy his tightest, most punishing bearhug. And lest we forget that Impact got his mat name for good reason, Brock soon gets a taste of the full force of the mans aggression and muscle in a battle that will leave him sore for days and satisfy all fans of heaving, strenuous bouts between two strapping youths.